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Word Anatomy - Anatomic Designs for Vets and Doctors

Shirts and more for veterinarians and admirers of anatomy

Medicine does not only save lives, it can also be aesthetic. Every human beeing and every animal has numerous bones, muscles and organs. Normally they are hidden, but we make art out of it by highlighting the different anatomical names of the bones and putting them into the shape of the animal.  

Every visible bone is made with attention to detail and shows the latin name of it. That makes it easier for vets and medical students to study and it looks stylish by the way. We pay great attention to the anatomical correctness of the names.

Anatomic Skull of a Dog - Word Anatomy

High quality shirts -

good to wear and wash

We want our shirts, hoodies and Co. to be suitable for everyday life that's why high quality is very important to us. The print is very precisely and shows every detail of the motive. Even after several wash cycles the colors do not fade or disappear.

The shirts are 100% made of high quality cotton. The fabric is not only environment-friendly it also feels great on the skin. The figure-accentuating cut gives you the freedom of movement you want in your everyday life.

Precise printing

Washable at

30 °C

100% Cotton

Our Shirts - 100% Cotton
Word Anatomy Shirts - Washing machine
Word Anatomy Shirts - precise printing
Anatomic Shirt with Dog Skeleton - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Shirt with Cat Skeleton - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Shirt with Horse Skeleton - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Shirt with Cow Skeleton - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Dog Head - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Cat Head - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Gecko Head - Word Anatomy
Anatomic Horse Head - Word Anatomy






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Neues Motiv: EKG mit Hund

Shirt with ECG and Dog-Skeleton for vets and veterinary students - Word Anatomy
Dog Skeleton Anatomy - Word-Anatomy
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Word Anatomy Cow Skeleton Smartphone Case - Present for Vets

The perfect gift for a doctor, veterinarian or medical assistent

You have got a friend who is a doctor or vet and you are still looking for the perfect gift? A shirt, hoodie or mug from Word Anatomy are always a good idea.

Just choose the desired animal or field and you are good to go with your individual and unusual gift! Our motives are especially designed for doctors and vets and will make them smile for sure.

Don't be afraid: If you picked the wrong size you can exchange your product into the right size within 30 days.

Word Anatomy Heart Sweatshirt for doctors
Bag for equestrians: Present for Vets - Word Anatomy
Mug with Human Skeleton: Present für doctors - Word Anatomy
Present for Vets: Dog Skeleton Shirt - Word Anatomy
Word Anatomy - The perfect present for Vets and Doctors
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Word Anatomy - Anatomic Shirts for Veterinarians and Animal Lovers

We sell shirts, hoodies, bags and more with anatomic designs of animals and humans for vets, doctors, admirers of anatomy and animal lovers.

Real doctors treat more then one species

‣ small animals

‣ pets

‣ large animals

‣ exotic animals

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